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Monday, August 6th 2012

4:23 AM

Teen video xxx


Related article: Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 01:44:47 +0200
From: Amy Redek
Subject: Chasing a Shadow. Chapter Eight. With Ray working for the council, he only worked five days a
week. Sunday was a day off for all staff and his other day was on
Thursday's, which was this very morning. It was also the day that Darren
always went off to the office late so that he could spend more time in bed
with Ray on those mornings. So he didn't get up till nine and went off to the bathroom for the usual
and smiled at his reflection in the mirror as he shaved, seeing the letters
CCB on the mirror. `Cats cannot bark. Can asian teen porn gallery
come behind. Cannot creep backwards. Cute cheeky
bum,' were words he muttered, using these letters on the mirror as he
shaved, and when finished, got dressed and went downstairs and started
seeing to the breakfast for Ray and himself. This was put on the table as he sat down indian teen pussy
and Ray entered and sat down
too. `Have you checked your cheque book yet?' Ray asked through a mouthful of
food. `Not yet. Do it after I've eaten,' Darren replied, and so it was a
quarter to ten when fuck teens free xxx
he went and got his cheque book out of the drawer. `Shit and fuck!' he cried out when he saw that there was a blank stub
and no cheque. Bollocks!' he swore as he rushed to the phone and had to
fumble with the diary next to it to find the bank's number. `What's up?' Ray asked, entering the sitting room. `The bastards had us,' he exclaimed, finding the number and dialing. `Do
you remember anything about last night?' `Er...no,' Ray said after pondering for a moment. `Neither do I. The bloody Shadow was here. There's a cheque
missing...Hello? Give me the manager please. teen peeing porn Quick. It's urgent. The name
is Smith. Darren Smith. Yes I'll hold but be quick please.' His face was
flaming now at knowing that he'd been had during the previous evening and
knew nothing about it. `Hello, yes. You remember me telling about a cheque
being paid in for cash? Yes, yes. Well there will one be coming in any time
now. Please stop it and make sure that the CCTV is on the tellers desk and
that nobody but the teller touches the cheque like we agreed. Understand?
Yes, yes. I'll be right teen secret porn over.' He pressed the bar to disconnect and then
dialled the number for the police station where Judy worked. `Yes, hello. Can you put me through to woman police constable Judy
Sharpe please, it's urgent. No I can't. She'll know what I'm talking
about. Please! It's urgent!' He waited for a moment until the other end
made the connection. `WPC Sharpe.' `Judy! It's gone,' he shouted. `What? What are...Oh, Darren?' `Yes. He's been here. The Shadow. One of my cheques has gone. Yes, I've
already phoned the bank and I'm on my way there now, yes, yes. I'll meet
you there,' and slammed the phone down and gave Ray a quick kiss. `See you
later,' and dashed out of the house.* Judy, on putting down the phone, went straight to the Superintendent of
the station and it took several minutes for her to explain what she and
Darren had set up with the bank and the reasons for it. The Superintendent
was quick to grasp what she was saying and phoned somebody else and got a
Detective Inspector along with his sergeant and a forensic man capable of
taking fingerprints to accompany Judy to the bank. It took them just over
thirty minutes before they all left the station to go to the bank and on
the way, Judy explained what was happening.* busty blonde teen porn
Patrick Turner, i.e., The Shadow, entered the bank at five past ten and
was at the tellers window a minute or two later. `I'd like to cash this cheque please,' he said to the young woman behind
the screen, pushing the cheque through. The girl had been told only the
afternoon before that a cheque from Darren Smith may be presented and was
told what she must do if this happened and here it was, now in front of
her. She took the cheque and looked at the total. `I'm sorry sir, but I cannot pay out on this amount without you signing
the back and showing proof of identity,' she said, pushing the cheque back
to him. Patrick cursed inwardly not knowing banking rules because he'd not
tried to get more than several hundred before. But he was content to sign
the back and produced a driving licence and the signature and name on the
licence were the same and passed the cheque back with the licence. `Thank you sir,' the girl said, checking that the two names matched
before pushing the licence back to him. `I must get some more money from
the safe for I don't have that amount in the drawer,' she said as she got
up from her chair. `I won't be a moment,' and walked back and through into
the manager's office and showed him the cheque. `Yes. We've just had Mr. Smith on the phone. We're not paying it. I'll
come with you,' he said as he stood up and followed her back out and toward
her window. `I'm sorry sir,' he said to Patrick, `but this cheque has been
stopped. I'm afraid we cannot release the funds.' `Damn!' said Patrick and quickly turned and left the bank. The manager went back to his office and got on the phone and asked for
the Chief Superintendent when free teen xxx porn
he got through to the police station and
found out after a few words, that a car was already on the way having been
alerted by Smith.* Darren arrived at the bank at the same time as the police car pulled up
and so the five of them entered the bank. They were quickly ushered through
and into the manager's office. The cheque was lying in the middle of the
desk. `Has anybody but the free teen xxx porn
teller touched the cheque?' the Inspector asked the
manager. `No sir,' he replied. `Call her in please,' he was asked and went and called her into the
office. `I also want the CCTV tape.' This he got as he spoke to the young
teller to confirm that only she and the man had touched the cheque. So the
forensic man, after dusting the cheque and having bagged, seeing that it
had three different sets of prints on it, then took both the girl's prints
and that of Darren. With the cheque in a clear plastic bag, the name on the back could be
seen. `Frederick Brinkman,' the cashier said on being asked the question. `The
same as what was on his driving licence.' This was noted down and with
thanks to the manager for the prompt action of him and the staff, they
would soon find the man through now having his name and the tape to get his
picture. Darren had briefly gay muscle teen porn
touched gay teen chat sites
Judy's hand and thanked her for acting so
quickly. `I'll give you a ring when we've got a bit more,' Judy said to
Darren. `Will you be at the paper?' `Yes, but if I'm not there, I'll be at home,' he said and gave her his
telephone number and they said goodbye as she got into the police car and
was driven off. `Bollocks,' Darren exclaimed. `They could at least have asked me if I
wanted a lift,' so he had to walk to the paper and went straight up to the
editor's office and told him that things were now reaching a head regarding
The Shadow.* At the police station, the Inspector by the name of Walton, reported to
the Super and was told to look into the case with his sergeant and to have
WPC Sharpe along. Detective Constable Cooper was already on the phone limewire of teen porn to the D.L.A.,
Driving Licence Authority, to get the address of Frederick Brinkman, which
turned out to be in Hull. He then phone the Yorkshire police in Hull and
asked them to check on this Brinkman, giving them the address and said that
it was quite urgent and was told that they would ring them back with
details very shortly. In the meantime, forensics had isolated the odd set of prints having
established those of Darren and the bank clerk and had them sent off for
cross checking with other prints already on file, but the news later was
that they didn't have the man's prints on file, meaning he had no previous
convictions. They had also now had a picture of the man from the video and
were in the process of printing off quite a few to be circulated. The next news was not good as Cooper took the phone call from Hull. `Not good news for you,' said the voice from Hull. `Frederick Brinkman
died six years ago from a heart attack. He was working on an gas rig out in
the North Sea when it happened.' teen nude camp `Shit,' said Cooper. `What was the name of the rig and the company?' `The rig was Norse Four and owned and run by Norgas.' `Okay, and thanks,' Cooper said and went and gave the bad news to his
boss. `Damn,' he said, `but maybe not so bad,' he mused. `Get onto Norgas and
tell them that we want the names of all personnel that were on that rig
when Brinkman died. Also send a picture of the man to see if anyone can
identify him for he may have worked on that rig and got the driving licence
that way. Also, if he was a rigger, he just might have worked teen titans porn photos teen nude camp
overseas. Get
a copy over to the Passport office and see if they can trace the man.' Cooper went off and the Inspector turned to Judy. `Well there's nothing more we can do until we hear from both ends, so
you might as well carry on with your other work.' `If you'll excuse me sir, I've done a bit of work with Mr. Smith in this
chase of The Shadow, and what he's found so far, that all those that we
know that have been in contact with The Shadow have lived in this close
area gurl teen masterbation porn of South London. mature shows teen Shouldn't we then give out photos to all the beat
constables?' `Good idea. I'll let busty blonde teen porn you see to that then,' he said, letting her get on
with what she had suggested. This she did and when done, went to see the Super and told him exactly
of how she got involved with The Shadow and asked slutty teen cheerleader porn
him if he could give her
his backing in her getting an abortion while there was still time. This he
agreed and arranged for her to see one of the police doctors to take on her
case. Next, she phoned Darren at the paper and gave him the news so far,
though it wasn't very good, she assured him that they expected to get more
later from either the gas rig company or from the Passport Office.* Patrick left teen redhead porn xxx the bank rather hurriedly, inwardly cursing the banking
system and hoped that the CCTV wasn't hardcore teen sex videos
very good in pictures of him that he
was sure was being scrutinised. He also cursed himself for being too greedy
in his aim of taking Smith to the cleaners. Must keep the money totals down
he thought. He was not a happy man as he made his way home but he
brightened up when looking through his scrapbook, especially those pictures
of Smith with him fucking him up the backside.* Darren was somewhat disconsolate at his desk at not hearing any good
news in his chasing of The Shadow. His editor, Colin Murray had promised a
double column if it could be brought to a conclusion, well an arrest at
least. Darren couldn't really concentrate at even laying out what he would
report without knowing how the police were faring and so gave it up. He
left word at reception that if any phone calls came in for him, to transfer
them to his home, and that's where he went. `Is that you darling?' came the call from teen titans porn parody Ray as entered the front door. `Of course. Who did you expect, The Shadow?' `Not really,' he said as he went into the hall to meet Darren. `For if
he had me last night, I don't want him again for I'd rather have you. Now
that I will remember. Hey! You're home early.' `Yes, for there's not a lot I can do,' and went on to tell him what he'd
learned so far, and Ray, not expecting things to move that quickly, had
started to prepare a lovely meal for Darren. This went down well and Darren
kissed Ray for his effort. `Can you thank me in bed?' Ray said with a coy smile. `If we young teen lesbian sex went there
now?' `I can't think of a better place,' Darren laughed, and so, leaving the
dishes, went upstairs and were soon undressed and on the bed. They were
quickly top to tail as they hungrily took each other's erect cock into
their mouths to suck and play with, moving their heads and hands until both
had their orgasm. The outpouring being quite copious that they welcomed to
move round the head still there before swallowing and then licking the head
clean. Ray turned round on the bed so that they could kiss and begin the
fondling of each other to rouse them up again for the later pleasure of
then having the prick that they each played with, being used up inside
them. But we'll leave them to later fuck each other as we return to the
police station.* Norgas had come through with all the men on the rig at the time of
Brinkman's death, a list with sixty eight names that was not of any help at
the teen titans xxx
present time. They were not confident that they would hear from the
Passport Office till the next day. Judy in the meantime, had been examined by the police doctor pilipino teen porn
and had
agreed that she was well in time to have an abortion and he made the
appointment for this with one of the London hospitals to be performed in a
week's time.* It was at ten past ten the next morning that the Passport Office came
through with a name to match the picture. Even though there was an eight
year gap, they were certain that it was the same man. They were right in
naming him as Patrick Turner and his address was in Streatham. His name was
now tied in with teen porn xxx sex
being one of the names on the list from Norgas, so they
now had The Shadow within their grasp. A warrant was immediately obtained with the charges being rape and
obtaining money under false pretences. Judy asked for permission for Darren
to be taken along with the arresting officers and this was agreed. So one
car with four officers inside and Judy with a driver picked up Darren from
the paper, having been told to be ready. He also quickly alerted his editor
and had a photographer despatched to follow the police to try and get
pictures of the man when he was arrested. The two police cars, unmarked, stopped well apart in the road where
Patrick Turner lived and it was the Inspector and his sergeant who went up
to the house and rang the bell. It was rung twice more without getting the
door opened and so returned to their car and they all waited for Turner to
show up. It was Judy who spotted him first. She had happened to look out of the
back window of the car that she and Darren were in and told the
plainclothes policeman who was the driver that he was coming. It was
fortunate that their car was on the opposite side of the road and both she
and Darren ducked down so that he didn't see them. Well Judy really, for
she was the only one of the police still in uniform. The driver alerted those in the other car and opened out a road map as
though he was parked there to check out where he was. The others could see
Turner walking down the road and turn into his house and waited until he
had gone inside before exiting their gurl teen masterbation porn car. The three in Judy's car got out
and moved over to the house in time to see the door being opened by Turner
and to hear the Inspector tell Turner that he was under arrest and read out
the warrant. Turner tried to argue but Sergeant boys teen gay
Cooper snapped a black teen nude pair of handcuffs
quickly onto Turner's wrists and pulled him from the doorway passing him
over to the two other constables who walked him off to their car. The
newspaper photographer was there on hand to take some pictures of the
arrest and of him teen redhead porn xxx being escorted to the car and another of him being
bundled inside. Inspector Walton and Sergeant Cooper went inside the house followed by
Judy and Darren and they went into the sitting room where there was a desk
with a computer on the top. But what caught their eye was the scrapbook
open at the page that showed Darren being fucked by Turner, that just being
one of the four on that page. The Inspector had a teen secret porn quick glance at Darren, knowing that it was him in
these photos and quickly shut the book as Judy approached the desk. `Get on to the station Cooper and have some men sent over here and take
all this,' he swung his hand round the desk and room, `back for us to
examine it later. Well I must congratulate you two,' he said to Darren and
Judy. `With this book and what is possibly in the computer, he's going anal asian porn teen down
for a long time.' `Er, Inspector,' Judy started as she pulled at his arm, away from
Cooper, and spoke in a low voice to him. `Can you restrict who sees the
contents of that book,' her face quite red. `Er, there will be teen nudes free some
pictures of me in there as well as that of Darren there. I anal asian porn teen would rather
that those at the station don't see them.' `I understand,' he replied, guessing at what they would be having seen
those of Darren, `but as this is evidence that we need to convict him, I'm
afraid that some of the pictures will have to be shown to the jury to show
just how depraved the man is and ensure a conviction. Don't forget, you and
Smith there will be prime witnesses. I'll do what I can. I can't say
anymore than that,' giving her shoulder a squeeze. `Inspector,' Darren said moving over. `I think you should warn those in
the car with the man that they shouldn't make eye contact with him for
that's how he has been able to get his way with all of us. He uses
hypnotism.' `Did you hear that Cooper?' he asked and got a nod back. `Well use the
radio and let them know this and tell those at the station too.' Cooper
nodded again and used his walkie talkie to pass this on. It was later
suggested that all who had contact with him, wore dark glasses, and that
the number who did, was kept to a minimum. This then became the practice at
all the interviews that were held with Patrick Turner.*EPILOGUE Judy Sharpe had her abortion and was in hospital when Turner was
arraigned in court, giving a plea of not guilty and his trial was set for a
later date and refused bail. Darren visited Judy in hospital, taking flowers and was glad that
everything had gone well with her. As it had with him. He got to write his
double column about his tracking down of The Shadow which also had a
picture of the arrest. Because of his report, he was offered a job on one
of the national papers, which he teen nude camp
declined with thanks. Also with him
declining the offer, his editor gave Darren a weekly column plus a pay
rise. Judy and Darren were the star witnesses at the trial of Patrick Turner
and Darren had no objections to the photos of him from Turner's scrapbook
being shown to the jury with him swearing on oath that he had no
recollection of them being taken and him being compromised in this
fashion. Judy, with reluctance, allowed some of her pictures being shown
too. The jury returned a verdict of guilty and Turner was later given a life
sentence and that he served it in a secure hospital. How many of the other
inmates, all male, came under his influence and were seduced into having
sex, is unknown.*All comments, good or bad will be answered at >adultreadinggmail.comadultreading.es< where there are other stories.
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